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Dr. Stephen Pevnick is a behavioral scientist and advisor to the President. He has gathered the world's most prodigious savants to participate in an experiment. He wants to determine if they are able to work together as a team,a difficult challenge for these highly intelligent but socially challenged individuals. But, shortly after they arrive at his research facility in Maine, a catastrophic event occurs that threatens the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S. and a treasonous plot unfolds that may endanger freedom throughout the world. The scientific community is helpless to stop the crisis. Will The Savants be able to work together and devise a plan to save the world, or will the dark forces behind the nefarious plan prevail?

“Powered by pedal-to-the metal pacing, a seamless narrative, and subtle symbolism. Indeed, to classify this solely as YA novel does it a great disservice, as it will likely appeal to young and old readers alike. A thriller that many readers may find hard to put down.”
-Kirkus Reviews

Dr. Steven Pevnick is a world renowned behavioral scientist as well as an advisor to the President of the United States. He has gathered the world’s most prodigious savants-people with astonishing intellectual abilities- to his research center in Maine. His intent is to conduct an unprecedented experiment, to have the savants work on a common project together; a major challenge because the savants, while gifted, do not possess the social skills that might enable them to work as an effective team. But, soon after they gather, a catastrophic event occurs that threatens to destroy the Eastern Seaboard. The world’s best scientists are helpless to stop it as panic grips the country and a sinister conspiracy emerges with the potential to eradicate the free world. Can this group, plagued by their ow insecurities and doubts, come together and use their incredible skills to save the world, or will the dark forces that set this disaster in motion prevail?

“Kendrick reminds us that heroes are not all packaged the same, and true faith has no bounds. A stunning beginning to a ‘must read’ series:
-J.M. LeDuc, author of “Cursed Blessing”

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