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Papa's Problem


Welcome to the world of author Patrick Kendrick. His work has been described as "dark," "twisted," "controversial," and "conspiratorial."

"Kendrick writes like the love child of Elmore Leonard and Barbara Bradford Taylor..." Parker Ladd-former host of A & E's Open Book Series.

"Through his complete description, you can taste the fish on the grill and smell the blood dripping on the hardwood floor..." Brent Braunworth, author of Blood, Guts, and Tears.

Tales of Patrick Kendrick


In a rural citrus town in central Florida, two armed gunmen enter an elementary school and begin shooting. Only, this time, one of the teachers has a gun. But, is this another senseless assault on the innocent, or something even more sinister?


1939, Key West, Florida
Illegal gambling, smuggling refugees out of Europe and the investigation into the death of a Cuban prostitute. Former Scotland Yard inspector, Emmet MacWain, and a well known author must delve into the dark side of this sunny paradise and find the answers that may help save hundreds of innocent lives as well as their own.



Young Adult

Dr. Stephen Pevnick is a world renowned behavioral scientist as well as an advisor to the President of the United States. He has gathered the world’s most prodigious savants,people with astonishing intellectual abilities,to his research center in Maine.

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